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Customer Testimonials

"All of us at the Baldwin Borough Public Library were extremely pleased at the help we received from Rosemary Willis in organizing the library's storage units. She volunteered many hours to help us get rid of things that we had no further use for and made our limited spaces much more usable and neat. We would love to have her help us again."
- Nancy Musser, Adult Services Librarian, Baldwin Borough Public Library

"Rosemary kindly and gently helped me to shine a light on some dark areas of my clutter that I needed to expose. Then she stayed by my side as I cleared my way through the rummage, offering moral support throughout the process. Most importantly, she empowered me to create a vision of what could be, of how I would like my life to be. She continues to avail herself and her organizational skills to me on an as-requested basis.
Thank you, Rosemary, for sharing your gifts, talents, and energy with folks like me who just can't seem to 'go it alone'! May God bless you as He continues to bless people like me through you!"

- Anonymous

"The Baldwin Borough Public Library was very fortunate to have Rosemary volunteer her time and expertise to help in the organization of library supplies and materials. We valued her professionalism and would welcome her back for future projects."
- Gina Leone, Youth Services Librarian, Baldwin Borough Public Library

"Rosemary Willis is a real friend of Baldwin Borough Library! She brought her considerable organizing skill to bear on our storage closets. Although librarians are great at organizing and maintaining books so they can be kept and found when needed, this skill did not apply to our storage closets. After 15 years of putting things in storage and never tending to it again, we began to find ourselves unable to locate needed supplies amoung the piles of outdated, unused 'stuff'. Rosemary helped us weed our 'collection'. What we needed was organized so we could find it. What we didn't want but was still useful was given to charities. The rest disposed was discarded. Now our closets are as organized as our books!"
- Joyce Chiappetta, Director, Baldwin Borough Public Library

"Rosemary and I have been business colleagues for several years, so I have first-hand experience with her professionalism, integrity, and work-ethic. Recently, I wanted to give my mother a unique and useful gift. Without hesitation, I immediately called Rosemary at Helping Hand Organizing. Rosemary personally helped my mother with her in-home needs. My mother was so appreciative of the assistance and the exceptional services that Rosemary performed."
- Julie Mills, CPO, Owner, All Squared Away, LLC

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