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Customer Testimonials

"All of us at the Baldwin Borough Public Library were extremely pleased at the help we received from Rosemary Willis in organizing the library's storage units. She volunteered many hours to help us get rid of things that we had no further use for and made our limited spaces much more usable and neat. We would love to have her help us again."
- Nancy Musser, Adult Services Librarian, Baldwin Borough Public Library

"The first time Rosemary cleaned my house it was a revelation. After employing various cleaning services for 15 years, it was the first time my house had been cleaned as though I had done it myself, with attention to the kind of details other people don't usually notice. For the first time, I felt like the people cleaning my house were trying to please me, and not their employers. I have been so happy with Helping Hand Organizing that I hired her to clean my law office as well. Rosemary charges on an hourly basis rather than a flat fee like cleaning services usually do. This means that, while I have found the overall expense to be lower with Rosemary, she and her crew don't rush past the details on the way to a cigarette break, and when I need something extra done I don't have to beg or negotiate: I leave a note and it gets done. (She does interior windows too!) I have never been disappointed, and I expect Rosemary's service will be the last one I ever use."
- Beth Pride, Pride Law

"I had the wonderful experience of being spoiled by Rosemary Willis during the most difficult time of my life; when my boyfriend suddenly became ill, was hospitalized and subsequently passed away. I gave Rosemary the arduous task of cleaning a small apartment that was loaned to us and my home, which was neglected for over a month. She needed no direction, she just jumped in and impeccably cleaned a filthy apartment and then went on to clean my home. The small peace that she was able to give me with her true gift of home keeping was priceless. I highly recommend her services."
- Teresa M. Champion, President, Do Me a Favor Personal and Executive Assisting

"Rosemary kindly and gently helped me to shine a light on some dark areas of my clutter that I needed to expose. Then she stayed by my side as I cleared my way through the rummage, offering moral support throughout the process. Most importantly, she empowered me to create a vision of what could be, of how I would like my life to be. She continues to avail herself and her organizational skills to me on an as-requested basis.
Thank you, Rosemary, for sharing your gifts, talents, and energy with folks like me who just can't seem to 'go it alone'! May God bless you as He continues to bless people like me through you!"

- Anonymous

"I had the opportunity to use the service of Helping Hand Organizing, and had a really good experience. I was in need of someone to clean an apartment that was rented for a friend of mine. She was unable to clean her own apartment and she was also in need of some organization. Rosemary came into the apartment with her crew and they went to work and before long they had scrubbed all the appliances, dusted, and thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. I was very satisfied with her work, and would call her again if needed."
- Sue Boyer

"I have searched high and low for a great home cleaner with a wonderful work ethic. Rosemary Willis has worked out the best. She is consistently giving her all in a reasonable timeframe to make your house look, smell and feel clean. She makes every effort when in a jam to make it work and in turn, creating a beautiful home for entertaining. I highly recommend Rosemary as an honest, responsible and knowledgeable home cleaner and organizer."
- Linda Barnicott, Pittsburgh Artist

"If there's one word that describes Rosemary, it is hardworking. I engaged her for cleaning services on several occasions and was very pleased with the quality of her work. In addition, she is pleasant and not intrusive at all - she goes right to her work and you hardly know she's in the house - that's important to me as I often work in my home office."
- Maureen Murray, Professional Speaker, Trainer and Coach

"The Baldwin Borough Public Library was very fortunate to have Rosemary volunteer her time and expertise to help in the organization of library supplies and materials. We valued her professionalism and would welcome her back for future projects."
- Gina Leone, Youth Services Librarian, Baldwin Borough Public Library

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Rosemary Willis since she began her professional organizing business in 2006. She has always been a very thoughtful and conscientious worker and colleague. When we met, she owned a very busy cleaning business. Our company used their services for several clients and have each has been delighted with her work. She is fast, detailed oriented and frankly often leaves me wondering how she does it! Organizing is a natural extension to the business Rosemary had already developed. We grew to know each other well as colleagues in NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), where she has honed her skills and is a tireless volunteer. Rosemary is very good at helping clients find order, preserve their self esteem and build hope. She has also been a great resource, because she stays on top of where to take things, environmental collections and products that make life easier. I give Rosemary a strong recommendation and see her as a huge asset in any project she takes on."
- Leslie McKee, CPO-COC, McKee Organizing Services Inc.

"I had the great fortune to be introduced to Rosemary through a friend who used both of her cleaning and organizing services. I have been using her cleaning services for about two years now and never had a complaint. Whether she is the one at my house or one of her employees, my house is always left spotless and neat. What I admire about Rosemary also is how considerate she is of her clients' schedules and needs even during the holidays, she always makes sure that her clients needs are met no matter how busy her schedule is. My cleaning day fell on a holiday, but she made sure that my house was cleaned the day before, so I was not waiting for two weeks. It is so rare to find someone who is so reliable and punctual."
- Hanan Callas

"Rosemary Willis is a real friend of Baldwin Borough Library! She brought her considerable organizing skill to bear on our storage closets. Although librarians are great at organizing and maintaining books so they can be kept and found when needed, this skill did not apply to our storage closets. After 15 years of putting things in storage and never tending to it again, we began to find ourselves unable to locate needed supplies amoung the piles of outdated, unused 'stuff'. Rosemary helped us weed our 'collection'. What we needed was organized so we could find it. What we didn't want but was still useful was given to charities. The rest disposed was discarded. Now our closets are as organized as our books!"
- Joyce Chiappetta, Director, Baldwin Borough Public Library

"A few years ago, my mother was in need of someone new to clean her house. She was comfortable with the women who did her cleaning, and was very reluctant to allow someone new into her home. She did not want a stranger, and insisted that a family member do her cleaning. That was impossible, so we called on Rosemary to see what she could do.
Rosemary and her helper came to the house and became an instant hit with my mom. She continuously told us how nice they treated her, and what a good job they did. My mother was no longer reluctant to have her house cleaned, and in fact couldn't wait for them to come back each week.
Please note that my mom was 96 years old at the time, and was well set in her ways. Her acceptance of Rosemary and crew speaks volumes to their personalities and the work they perform."

- Bob Lech

"Rosemary and I have been business colleagues for several years, so I have first-hand experience with her professionalism, integrity, and work-ethic. Recently, I wanted to give my mother a unique and useful gift. Without hesitation, I immediately called Rosemary at Helping Hand Organizing. Rosemary personally helped my mother with her in-home needs. My mother was so appreciative of the assistance and the exceptional services that Rosemary performed."
- Julie Mills, CPO, Owner, All Squared Away, LLC

"Rosemary is a wonderful addition to keeping our household running smoothly. I knew I didn't have to worry when she was on the job. I felt very comfortable with her coming into my home, doing laundry, putting it away and doing odd jobs while the laundry was running. In today's society, it is so hard to keep up with the many demands of family, work and activities but Rosemary helped to make it more manageable. I highly recommend her and her services!"
- Erin Joyce

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